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Guns: Are They Really Saving US?

Society today has been severely impacted by the rising amount of gun violence in the 'Land Of The Free', so how can we stop it?

Dear Future President,

I am a 9th-grade student at Central High School, wishing to touch on a very sensitive topic: Guns. What do you think when the word “gun” is said? Some may think positively, others may think the opposite. In the last 2 decades, several events had happened with an affiliation with firearms. Such events have been the mass shootings or homicides. In our nation, we need to have stricter rules on gun control, as well as stricter procedures when buying guns. Legitimate studies have shown that gun violence has, without a doubt, puts negativity in our society today.

Admittedly, it is far too easy for the wrong person to possess a gun in the United States. Firearms, or just weapons in general, can easily be purchased through any buyer. Whether if it’s been through the World Wide Web or bought illegally from a source. In article Guns In America has stated: “ Firearms are involved in the deaths of more than 30,000 people in the U.S annually...”. Which demonstrates the recklessness of certain individuals with the lack of proper ethics in using a firearm. To reduce the amount of gun violence, we need more strict procedures in order to qualify in the process of buying a firearm. It’s not the gun that makes these terrible acts happen, it’s the people who maintained them.

Pursuing my point further, We would also need to restrict/lower the amount  firearms are made/imported to the U.S yearly. More than 10 million guns are made in the U.S and 5 million guns are being imported annually. Meaning 88% of people have firearms. Which is a resorting factor of having high chances of mass shootings and homicides in our country, not to keep in mind, 22% of people own multiple guns (1 to 15 firearms) Some may say that these weapons are for self-defense, however, with the wrong attitude can serve serious harm to people around them.

In simpler terms, it’s our responsibility to provide proper ethics and evaluation to make sure our nation, as a whole, can decrease the acts of gun violence. With strict procedures on gun control and buying guns, we can change the perspective on how others see the land of the free. For now, we can only hope that this topic can mean something else in the future.

Yours truly,

A fellow U.S. citizen

Central High School

English I Pre-AP

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