Ivan Texas

Transgenders are people too

Why do we discriminate against people who as free as us, this needs to stop. We say all men are equal, but we need to start treating everyone like that.

November 5, 2016

Dear future President,

Hello I go to Central High School and I am writing this letter to inform you about a very controversial topic, Transgender issues. One major crisis that brought this to my attention was a policy that Target tried to make but got voted out by popular demand.This needs to be addressed because Transgender people everyday are being discriminated.

For example 97% of Transgender people have reported being discriminated at work and only 13 states fully protect transgender discrimination. Transgenders want to use the bathroom just like all of us they want to be treated like normal people and part of the society. If they are assigned a “neutral gender” bathroom they won't feel ordinary, all they want is to use bathrooms they identify with. I understand many people would be uncomfortable with other genders in their bathroom. For example Target had 1.4Million people said they would boycott Target if they let Transgenders use what bathroom they please. What they don't realise is that Transgenders also don't feel comfortable using the bathroom that doesn't match up with their sexual identity.

As you know many years America has fought for equality and I believe now we must fight for a new kind of equality, for Transgenders. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” this is for Declaration of Independence. This quote proves that we need to protect all men because they are equal to us. One may argue that Transgenders are people but they can't go in whatever bathroom they want. But I say that this is exactly like Jim crow laws, a certain type of people are forced to use bathrooms they don't want to. We can't do that it’s segregating and not what America stands for, we need some sort of laws that protect them and make them fit into or society.

As a free nation it is our responsibility to give everyone an equal life no matter whatever makes them different. Everyday the Transgender population gets an unequal opportunity that is unfair. So what can be done? There needs to be laws put in place to protect Transgenders and let them use what bathroom they identify with.


Future US President