Pritha L. Texas

Gun Control

It is vital for us to have gun control.

Letter to the 45th President of the USA


Dear 45th President of the USA,

I am a 9th grade student from Dallas, Texas, who would like to feel safe in her environment. The constantly increasing problem of gun violence is jeopardising yours, mine, and all ours safety. Until a leader like yourself takes action to prevent guns or have stricter gun laws, we will never truly be free in a guaranteed free world, because of the power one civilian has over everyone else’s lives and the distrust it creates in society when everyone constantly need to be wary.

“All men are created equal” is our constitution, but we are not equal because of an openly distributed weapon that shouldn’t be in anyone's hands. Guns are suppose to be a weapon used only by authority in extreme situations to enforce law, and protect us. Now, about 270 million civilians have the power over one another to decide who gets to live or not. I understand the Second Amendment for “the right to bear arms” is valued deeply by Americans. It’s not fair if we have to completely give up our Second Amendment, but we do have to ask if a human life is worth more or less than a death weapon. A human life is obviously more important and is equal to every other human life. No one should have such a power as to take that human life away in an instance.

Another reason guns should be prevented is because guns take away our trust among each other. Our citizens would like to feel safe, but with 270 million guns and 30,000 deaths per year (the whole population of the country of San Marino), it’s a natural instinct to feel wary and distrust each other. It’s makes everyone feel as if we are unprotected and in need of a gun if we don’t own one already. Especially since the loose laws permits guns everywhere and allows everyone to possess one with no further background checks. However, buying guns will only make it worse since now even more people have an unnecessary power which will trigger even more fear and violence.

It's important to protect ourselves, while guns make it easier to do so, but it’s just as important to not put anyone else in danger, whether they are a criminal or not. These death weapons, or guns, generates an unequal society where one citizen has automatic power over another, and also creates a distrust among the society. With inequality and distrust, a very violent society exist, where no human is safe.


Pritha L. 

Central High School

English I Pre-AP

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