Corwin M. Virginia

Black in America: A Community not seen

yes, ALL LIVES MATTER; but for right now BLACK LIVES MATTER and are the ones at stake.

Dear (Future) President or to whom it may concern, 

This is not another letter, ranting about the crimes and injustices against blacks, nor is this letter meant to offend you by claiming that your not doing your job or concerned about the issue at hand. Instead this is a letter to open up the mind of not only you but to whoever else happens to read these passages. The black community is a community well oppressed in todays society, just as well as other ethnic racial communities. And whenever a story is heard throughout the evening news that another black person was fatally shot and killed by a cop (or other person of the majority) it makes us feel unjustified. As each person is taken away from our community, we get sad, upset and even down right angry and as stated by the first amendment, we protest and retaliate. The movement known as BLACK LIVES MATTER, is not a terrorist nor hate organization, but instead a group of mothers, fathers, brothers, sister, etc., who are grieving over loved ones lost. We want justice from arrests and full on federal trials on the cases of the lives lost at the hands of "scared" police officers. We as people of color living in America, expect fairness, freedom and justice in all aspects of the law, whenever its broken. But my one question for you, is when will we ever get the justice and freedom so claimed to us decades ago? 

Corwin M. (@wavy.fka)

Smithfield High School

SHS AP Lang Blocks 1 & 2

Smithfield High School, AP Language and Composition, 11th grade

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