Lea L. Virginia

End Rape Culture!

I believe that with the help of the next president of the United States we can all help to end the inequality between sexes as well as to stop the intolerable trend of victim blaming in our society. We must stop teaching people how not to be victims and start teaching not to victimize people!

Dear President Clinton:

I must start off this letter congratulating you on your historic win of this past election and by thanking you for being such an inspiring candidate for young people across this nation. The absolute political knowledge that you used to fight through the ignorance of this past election was truly awe inspiring, although it does lead me to one of the reasons that I am writing this letter. The amount of attacks that and slurs that you faced head on is completely unfathomable and the childlike behavior of your opponent was a complete mockery of the democracy our fore fathers fought so hard for. I hold the utmost respect for your political savvy you used to maneuver through this campaign, but the fact that you had to endure it at all fills me with rage. If this election had been between two male candidates, I can all but guarantee that his behavior would not be tolerated and the thought of electing him would never have crossed the mind of any sane person. Furthermore, as a woman you could not express the beyond reasonable irritation and annoyance that you probably held without being attacked for being 'hormonal' or 'sensitive' or any other sexist remark hurled blindly at powerful women.

As a young woman in our society today, the sexism that you faced during your campaign is an omnipresent force that hides, or stares blatantly in your face on some occasion, in the foundation of our nation. This problem is long lived and takes it darkest form in the Rape Culture that is our society, but I truly believe that with the help of you my generation will be the one that educates our children on consent and not on fear, and will finally end this horrible systematic sexism plaguing our country. I truly believe if you take action on education that you will be a thing ing example on the end of misogyny and Rape Culture.

Smithfield High School

SHS AP Lang Blocks 1 & 2

Smithfield High School, AP Language and Composition, 11th grade

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