quincy Georgia

Black Lives Matter

African Americans are in need of Government help.

Dear Next President,

It all started in 1955 with a young man by the name of Emmett Till who was killed for no reason. This is really what I believe started the Black Lives Matter movement thought it was many years. These senseless murders happen everyday for no apparent reason.  The modern day examples are Treyvon Martin, Mike Brown, Alton Sterling and Oscar Grant. The Black Lives Matter movement shows that all of these deaths and many more did not go in vain. This movement stands for much more than any of us. 

I now ask you please to take a stand and stop all of this violence. Some may say that there needs to be something done about African-Americans breaking the law, but I feel that murdering them is not the solution. The extent to this of you thinking about physically and mental killing someone  is very large in this situation, you should always think before these senseless actions . If you can do something about the murders without injuring the person, it would be so helpful. 

In my opinion, the option to kill someone is always in the back of the person wanting to kill someone for a reason like speeding, no license plate, or even more stupid things, but the person killing another African American feels that this person is doing something to help the world be a better place.  All these African-Americans that were killed were innocent people trying to do better or minding their own business. All crime is bad, but what is happening in the world is unthinkable and should be stopped. This means so much to me because I too am an African-American and to see my mom worry about me whenever I go anywhere should not matter because we are all supposed to be created equal. With you being our next president for the next 4 years, I suggest you address these things going as best as you see fit and fix these horrible things going on.

Thanks, Quincy