Kirsten H. Virginia

For Our Next President: solar panels bringing employment and debt

I bring up the matter where, President Clinton discusses using solar panels to being employment to America.

Dear Mrs. President Clinton;

      One of my main concerns dealing with our country is, unemployment rates and debt. I feel these two key points go together based off of how you're wanting to solve job unemployment. I remember watching one of the presidential debates and noticed how you wanted to create more jobs by using renewable energy. You want to create more solar panels, therefore create more jobs. I'm confused on how this will solve unemployment. More importantly, I'm confused on how you could make it work based off of our country's debt.

      According to FY18 Federal, the United States is estimated to be $19.5 trillion dollars in debt. Will you get the money from our country? If so, then you would be trying to solve one problem by making another problem worst. Yes, job unemployment and debt are very important concerns, but I think that getting our country's debt under control should be our first priority. If we are able to get our country out of debt then we would be able to decrease taxes which will allow small and large businesses to hire more employees. 

     I understand what you are trying to do but, what people are going to buy these solar panels? I'm thinking that you aren't going to be able to make the solar panels at an affordable cost and make the money you need to pay the employees. You want to help unemployed people but i think the way you're wanting to help isn't going to help.  

                                                                                            Best Regards;

                                                                                                                    Kirsten N. Hall


Smithfield High School

SHS AP Lang Blocks 1 & 2

Smithfield High School, AP Language and Composition, 11th grade

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