Camden L. Virginia

Black Lives Matter

Police Brutality

 My name is Camden Lewis.As president, I think you need to make the initiative to change the way cops go about handling arrests. A huge problem in the United States currently is the killing of innocent blacks every day and the cruel procedures that happen during an arrest. Something needs to happen in order for these incidents to stop happening.

Young black men were nine times more likely than other Americans to be killed by police officers in 2015, according to the findings of a Guardian study that recorded a final tally of 1,134 deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers this year. That is ridiculous, so many families lost an important person to them because of an officer. As president, you to need to be able to control that and cut that number down drastically. A nation is only as strong as it’s leader and if you don’t stop it, then nothing will stop it. I feel as if a lot of those deaths were because of the color of the skin of the citizen, and not because he was breaking the law, if he even was.

A way to fix the problem is to improve police combat and by being more strict on them. A lot of the time they get away with what they do, so therefore if an officer kills an innocent citizen just because the color of their kin, they should be fired from the police force and put in jail. Police deserve the same punishment as everyone else if they commit the same crime. Thank you for listening to what I have to say and once again, all I ask is that you help fix this problem in any way you possibly can. 

Eastern View High School

English 11 Honors

This is the group for Ms. Licata's block 3 11 Honors class.

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