Tyler, Wisconsin Wisconsin

Black Lives Matter

Black lives don't matter if black people are killing most black people.

Dear future President,

I want greater attention on the Black lives matter movement. There’s no reason anyone should be treated less than anyone else because of their race.

One way I think you could do this is, enforce strict gun laws. Only 3% of gun crimes are committed by those who have purchased the guns. We need to stop dangerous people from having guns that they will potentially use to hurt people. One way to do this is for the communities police department to hold a gun turn in program. The Chicago Police Department just held one and four guns were turned in in half an hour.

Another way to support this movement is to tell people about how we only have one world to share. The African Americans that support this movement maybe don’t realize that according to the FBI, 90% of crime against black people are coming from other black people. There were only 229 white on black homicides in 2015 while there were 2,380 black on black homicides that same year. Everyone needs to realize the main source of the problem.

Like I said we need to pay more attention to the Black Lives Matter movement. Two ways we can do this is enforce strict gun laws and educate people about the main problem. The black people that are dying in most cases are being killed by other black people. If black lives really mattered to most black people, there shouldn’t be that high of a black on black crime rate. In my opinion a better movement is All Lives Matter as oppose to the limiting Black Lives Matter.


Tyler, Wisconsin