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Black Lives Matter

My letter focuses on Black Lives Matter. I focus on talking about equality.

I believe “Black Lives Matter” is a huge issue in America.

I believe if we come together as one, and love one another. Black lives matter will no longer be an issue in this great country.

Black people have been targeted by police in many different states. Even though most of these black people getting killed, did nothing wrong. For example, one of the Ferguson incidents on August 10th, 2015 an 18 year old was killed. The police had no right to shot him. He did nothing wrong, he was trying to run away from a gun fire, the police thought he started the gun fire and shot him dead. He just wanted to tell the police what was happening and they took his life. His mother said he was a good kid and would never do such a thing.

A simple but effective solution would be that unless the victim shoots first, policemen should not fire their weapon. In other words, unless they are in danger, they should not shoot anyone. This would have saved that kid's life, he did not fire or put the policemen in any danger. This rule would help save many lives not only black. Another simple but smart and effective solution. Would be for Police to shot not to kill, but maybe to just harm or scare the victim. For example shoot them in the foot or hand. This would not kill the victim but the police would still have full control of the situation. If you consider these ideas, we can change this problem and come together as one.

As president you have the power to make change is communities. Make them safe for black citizens.







Greenwich High School

English 113

English 113

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