Dorji New York


The water pollution is not only affecting us human beings, it also affects all the animals on Earth.

Dear President:

I have few issues that I would like to discuss with you that affect me in many ways. I am really interested in the environment of ocean life and this is what I want to study when I go to college. I want to talk to you about ocean pollution. I think that we have to do something to stop the ocean pollution. It not only affects us humans, it also affects every creature living in the ocean and on our beautiful earth. Did you know that In the world half of the people in hospital beds are people suffering from a water related disease which means that most people in hospitals are there because of the water pollution? As our next president, I think you should be able to fix this problem.  I feel that since we caused the problem we should be responsible for repairing it.

In this world people produced around 100 million tons of plastic every year and 10 percent ends up in the ocean. According to one source, “Ocean litter comes from many sources, including trash that washes off city streets, waste blown in from landfills and containers that fall off ships during heavy storms. Once in the water, the debris accumulates in large patches, travels with currents and washes up onshore. This litter is frequently consumed, often with fatal effects, by marine mammals, fish and birds who mistake it for food.” This shows that the water pollution not only affect us human it’s also affect animals which eat the plastic in the ocean. (5 ways water pollution is killing animals

Second the water pollution affects human health. Wealthy people can go to a hospital but most poor people, they don’t have money go to the hospital and the things waiting them is death. So as we can see the water pollution not only affects the animal that live in the ocean, it also affects us human a lot. Water and disease

Some people may think that in this earth billions of people are throwing trash in the ocean so it doesn’t matter if I throw trash in this huge ocean. However if everyone thinks that way it's gonna become an even larger problem. Also lots of businessmen say that water pollution was not a big issue. That's because lots of the stuff thrown in the ocean is what their companies produce.

So in my opinion the way to solve the water pollution problem is not using the new technology to take out the trash, not spend a lot of money and make a green team that will clean problem areas of the ocean. The only way to stop the pollution is to let people know how the pollution affects the world and how it affects us humans. As the next president, I hope you will help solve this problem.