Samuel B. Ohio

Smog and Ecosystem Destruction, Does that Sound Like Fun?

Around the world all of our fossil fuels are being used, and all of our trees our being cut down. However, most politicians are worrying more about money than making a difference. So will large efforts to save our precious Earth come too late?

Dear Next President:

It is quickly becoming apparent that environmental issues such as global warming are on the rise. There aren’t many disagreements that this has came from greenhouse gases that come from fossil fuels we use. However, not much is happening now, because political will has not been strong enough, because there are only feeble attempts to try to rely on something other than fossil fuels. Also, as well as raising global warming, air pollution is proving disastrous to public health, especially in the larger, busier cities of the United States. Even though not as quite dangerous as air pollution, water and soil pollution are still creating a lot of problems. Water pollution is making the water dirty, which makes it undrinkable, which occurs to a surprisingly large amount of Earth’s population. With soil pollution it poses as a threat to food security and public health.

One thing you can be do about the issue of air pollution is urge the population to switch to a lower emission vehicle so less greenhouse gasses can go up into the atmosphere. Another thing to urge citizens to do is switch to green energy, and say that if people can’t install wind or solar power, they should sign up for a renewable energy producer, which can connect consumers to 100 percent renewable energy to their home. Something that can help with soil pollution is banning certain pesticides used on crops that make food a lot more safe to eat.

Another issue that faces this country and planet is deforestation, and this is important because as humans we rely on healthy forests to get resources from. One of the main reason that deforestation is bad, is because forests produce CO2 which when trees are cut down they push it into the atmosphere. Also, It has even been proved that about 15% of global warming is because of deforestation. Another obvious reason is that a wild variety of wildlife depends on the forests. For example 20% of the Amazon rainforest has been cut down for things like farming. Something to help this is to put laws on the amount of trees can be cut down in a certain area.

So in conclusion, with all of these facts and reasons in mind, it would be beneficial to our country to cut the use of fossil fuels, and stop major deforestation.

Thank you, Sam                       

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