Alext Texas

College tuition

Only 65.9 percent of high school graduates went to college in 2013. Percentage has lowered since 2007 when it was 70.1 percent. Lower college tuition to help students get a good education and go on in life.

 Dear Future president,

Education will determine the future. The best way to ensure a good education is college. Every year college tuition increases leaving even more students in dept and having to quit or not go to college at all. Leaving students to abandon their dreams, this simply isn’t right. Lowering tuition costs will improve education and help students to fulfill their dreams.

According to Reference only 65.9 percent of high school graduates went to college in the fall of 2013. This percentage has decreased since 2007 when it was 70.1 percent. With lower tuition students will be inspired to go to college. Having this low tuition will open up good education for everyone, even to financially challenged citizens. They  will also be able to afford college. If tuition costs keep rising only wealthier people will be able to afford college. We need to ensure that costs stops rising so students can afford college.

Teachers may complain about being payed a smaller amount, but with a lower tuition there would be even more students. This way it will even out anyway and there would be more students with a higher education. Sure there is a 6 month grace period after you graduate, but you would have to pay it back sooner or later. Most students that work only make minimum wage to pay for college, and lowering college tuition will severely help those students pay off their college tuition.

Year after year college tuition rises leaving even more students broke. However everyone says education is the future so why not make it accessible for everyone.With lower tuition students will be even more inspired to go to college to build a career and a name for themselves. As long as college tuition less students will go on to college, we need to change this before it’s too late.