Tracy N. Texas

Climate Change

Climate change is slowly killing our planet, and we must do something about it.

October 31st, 2016

Dear future President,

As each day passes, Earth is slowly dying because of global warming. It breaks my heart to see how we’re all killing our planet as we strive to live. Even I, as I am typing this, am slowly killing our home. As the future leader of the United States, I hope you can do something, since America is one of the top countries in pollution.

I completely understand that we must resort to using things like coal and fossil fuel instead of natural energy, since they get the work done quicker, but in my opinion, it’s worth the wait. It’s worth trying to collect natural energy, like solar and wind energy. Many processes will be slowed down, but in the end, the planet will be much cleaner and healthier than it is now.

I can also understand that making these changes is a process that will take a very long time, and it may still be unfixed by the time your terms are over, but I hope you’ll be able to be the start of this change. You can start by campaigning the use of natural energy, because citizens who vote for you will most likely follow what you promote. You could also use things like windmills and solar panels instead of using fossil fuels and coals. Another thing you could possibly do is to ride in plant/electric fueled cars instead of gasoline fueled ones.

In conclusion, I hope you as the future president can do something about the rapid death of our planet. Since you are soon to be the leader of one of the most polluted countries, you should not only consider the future of politics, but also our home planet. I’m sure it will benefit everyone in the long run. Thank you for your work, and I hope you will consider this change.


Tracy N.

Student, KHS