Nora S. Michigan

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is our first step forward

Dear future president,

As a citizen, our population is in a divide of choice, fossil fuels and renewable energy; the fossil fuels are based on complexity, and renewable energy are based on conservation. Fossil fuels are used beyond a replenishable amount, renewable energy allows us to extend our use of clean energy, and save the environment, but to come to the conclusion of renewable energy will be a hard change. As you read this, take note that in one day the world has consumed 814.8 million gallons of petroleum oil which is equivalent to an average of 19.4 million barrels of oil (EIA). The emissions of this oil, which is Carbon Dioxide (CO2), in 2014 was measured at 9.795 gigatonnes. Each gigaton of CO2 emissions is equal to one billion tons. That’s 9.795 billion tons which is equivalent to the weight of 4.8 billion elephants. To imagine that this rate of oil consumption is not a problem would be a complete nonsensical, almost moronic statement. Considering the result of the tremendous amounts of oil consumed and CO2 emissions, the climate of our world is changing. Hurricanes with record categories have occurred within the past few months along the east coast, summer weather is extending into October with temperatures reaching 80 degrees, and for the first time in northern states bordering Canada, schools have closed due to temperatures reaching -20 degrees instead of road conditions. During this presidential election, I want this to be one of the first problems you address because the safety of the people after all, is a first priority.

Now, a reasonable way to solve our energy crisis is to implement more solar panels and windmills across the nation and find a cleaner source of fuel for cars. Solar panels provide long term energy, although the cost is debateable; totaling anywhere between $25,000-$50,000 for a 5kw-7kw system, which supports a regular american home. However, once the economy crashes because of the decrease in oil, a demand for a quicker, easier, more replenishable energy will be requested. Then and only then must the prices of alternative energy decrease to fit the wants of the nation to equalize the demand to supply.

For fuel, ExxonMobil has been working towards a biofuel made out of algae. Using algae to produce next-generation biofuels holds some obvious benefits. Algae require carbon dioxide in order to grow. A 2012 study by ExxonMobil and research partners Synthetic Genomics, Inc. (SGI) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) shows that commercial-grade diesel refined from algae oils produces half as much greenhouse gas emissions over its lifecycle compared to petroleum products. Due to the increasing amounts of CO2 emissions, algae is growing in full bloom, so there is plenty to use. ExxonMobil has also developed ways to convert soybean oil into a biofuel. With increasing progress, a new form of oil for cars will be developed if an added push towards alternative fuel is applied.

Surprisingly our economy is like an ecosystem. If we take out one factor that the ecosystem relies on, it will shut down. So if our economy went without gas; no gas for the economy leaves people without cars to drive to work. Imagine trying to get to the White House from where you live without a car; no work being done equals no money for the public; no money for the public leaves families out of money for groceries and food for children, small businesses can no longer supply the food they have so they shut down, than large businesses go into bankruptcy such as banks, industries, manufacturers, and they shut down as well. We will suffer another Great Depression if we continue down the path we are on now. As the future president, will you save our country and move towards a path to redefine our fuel standards or be single handedly responsible for the corruptions of millions in the U.S. and around the world?

Clarkston Community Schools

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