kaushik_d Texas


Dear Mr/Madam president, Have you been been racially abused? That has hurt you so bad that you create view that you hate those people? There are many people all over the USA with many different races and ethnicity to name a few Asians,Americans,African-Americans,Hispanics and many more.Out of all these races in USA African Americans are the ones being affected because of their racial discrimination and their rights are being violated . To add up many people in our country are not understanding the reason why blacks are subjected to violence, Mr/Madam you must enact to this issue as fast as you could do it because many people are suffering and Mr/Madam President, sign a legislation that will protect the lives of African Americans and support the Black Lives Matter movement. For one,Blacks are the highest minority population in our country.Although we are in the modern era in the black people’s rights are still being violated.It is because of the racial discrimination that started many years ago which made the blacks a stereotypical race that they are people who are less than us which eventually led to the violation their rights.This made the people even more angry and started protesting which you might have heard of the movement as Black Lives Matter.I personally think that they are suffering because of our founding father's mistakes as treating the black people as a 3/5th of person and locking them up in a ship for many days without food and letting them to die. I heartily think that people should end racial discrimination and live in peace.There is movement called the Black lives Matter.This actually tells me that many people all over the world are supporting this movement.It is because people have seen what the black people has been suffering and the people are standing up with blacks and fighting for the freedom for everyone in the country. Secondly,The black people are still subjected to violence.They are subjected either putting blame on them for any wrongly accused crime or they are put in jail for no reason.The blacks are suffering and are still being abused in almost the end of every year the black's death toll is higher even though they are the major minority group in our country. In this year almost 194 black people have been killed.This shows that these people are still being abusive to black people and they are still subjected to violence.Imagine you being thrown in jail for a frivolous reason? I give you my good wishes to next the President of our country may you serve our country’s needs for the next four years.Mr/Madam President and please remember that the Black lives matter because the blacks are also people just like us and we the people and the next President of the USA should help them in anyway possible by putting an end to racial discrimination and subjecting black people from violence and let them live they want to live. Sincerely Kaushik d Works cited: 1:"Population Distribution By Race/Ethnicity." Population Distribution by Race/Ethnicity. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Nov. 2016. 2:The Times-Picayune. "People of All Races Support Black Lives Matter." NOLA.com. N.p., 07 Sept. 2016. Web. 02 Nov. 2016. 3: Huffington Post