Elliott M. Texas


Cyber bullying is an uprising problem in the U.S. Let's stand up and make a change.

Dear Future President,

The internet was never meant to be a tool for bullies to torment other people. Cyberbullying is an uprising problem in the U.S. Today, kids have more access to electronic devices at younger ages. They are basically training themselves to be on their devices all day everyday. They are more prone to being bullied or being the bully themselves. We need to put a stop to this electronic abuse.

According to theguardian.com, there were 4,507 reported cases of cyber bullying in 2012-13, up from 2,410 in 2011-12, with an 87% rise in contacts about online bullying, a 41% increase in contacts about self-harm and a 33% increase in young people feeling suicidal.This is a problem. Children and even teens and young adults are becoming suicidal due to this issue. It’s not okay that people are killing themselves just because someone else felt the need to electronically put them down and make them feel bad about themselves.

Some people might believe that there is no way to stop cyber bullying. It is inevitable. That may be true, but we’ll never know unless we try to end it. Cyber bullying may never be stopped but we can make a change.We could teach kids that it doesn’t matter what other people think about you, it only matters what you think about you. Yes, we do already teach kids to not bully and how it’s not right, but that isn’t really doing the trick. We need to teach everyone to feel good about themselves. This way when someone is bullied they won’t be bothered by it and maybe there will be less bullying because the bullies will feel better about themselves, too. 

The internet was made to be a tool, offering a wealth of information. It was never intended to be used used as an instrument of torture. Cyber bullying is a real issue that needs to be stopped. Let’s stop the abuse. Let’s stop cyber bullying.

Thank You,

Elliott M