Kylee Canode Texas

Stop Animal Abuse

Dear future President, Imagine if someone, inhumanly, clipped the ears and the tail off your dog. Then sent your dog to fight other dogs in a life or death match. Or if someone had your dog cooped up in an overcrowded, dirty, unsafe cage and used your dog to breed. Then killed the sweet dog when it was no longer useful. Now imagine how happy your pets are to be in a safe, clean, and loving environment. No animal should go through this pain. I believe we should love and speak up for our voiceless pet. I believe we should stop animal abuse. One of the biggest issues are puppy mills. There are about 10,000 puppy mills and dog breeding facilities in the U.S. Most of the dogs are injured from the unsafe cages. Dog mill owners don’t take care of the dogs, causing heart diseases and respiratory disorders. The females that are used to breed are given little to no recovery and are often killed when they are no longer useful. Puppy mills are only illegal in most states. This law needs to be put in all states in America. Another type of abuse is dogs used for dog fighting. This is a blood sport where the dogs are forced to fight each other. As well as being illegal it is abuse towards the dogs who receive long term injuries or even death. Before fights they are given drugs and must get their ears and tails brutally clipped. Losing dogs are discarded, killed or executed. People who participate in dog fighting often bet or do drugs. Donating to the ASPCA will end dog fighting and support them in taking care of and training the abused dogs. Your help can end animal abuse in the U.S. All the animals need is money, a few new laws, and maybe an adoption from a certain president. I hope you will help speak for these voiceless, innocent, and adorable animals. Sincerely, Kylee C (