Victoria D. Texas

LGBTQ Rights

The LGBTQ community has been threatened and discriminated against. This needs to stop.

Dear, Mr. or Madam President,

You need to take action about the continuous inequality of the LGBTQ community. 86% of LGBTQ youth report being harassed at school and 31% said that the school made no effort to stop these attacks. The discrimination against LGBTQ youth needs to stop and to do this, laws would need to be created proposing that LGBTQ youth are protected.You need to repeal unfair laws against the LGBTQ community because a lot of your votes are coming from them.As the next President, you need to sign a bill saying that discrimination against the LGBTQ is illegal.

As President, you need to repeal these “No Promo Homo” laws that prevent teachers to talk about the LGBTQ Community positively or at all. These laws make the LGBTQ targeted. They lead to more discrimination and bullying while also having kids grow up thinking it’s a terrible thing to be lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, or queer. You need to make laws that have teachers say nothing negative about being an LGBTQ individual, just have them teach students about it.

For some religions, you can be punished for being gay or transgender. These religions include Mormon, Islam, Methodist, Catholic, and Orthodox Jewish followers. This makes it very difficult for LGBTQ youth whose families are a part of these religions to come out and feel accepted. 40% of LGBTQ youth are kicked out of their homes because of families not approving of their sexual orientation. As the next President, it would be difficult to stop religious discrimination within families, so you should create safe places for LGBTQ youth to go. I believe that even if your religion is against LGBTQ, you should learn to tolerate it and treat them with basic human rights.

Laws need to be created or updated to enforce that sexual orientation is not discriminated against. I believe that the federal government needs to make a law against LGBTQ discrimination similar to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which was against race, religion, sex, and national origin discrimination. As President, you need to ensure that these laws are seen as a positive thing for the LGBTQ Community. Many are counting on you to make America a better place to live to provide safety and equality.

Congratulations Madam/Mr. President on your victory for presidency, I hope you can incorporate this to your platform. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully, you can provide additional rights for the LGBTQ youth.

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