Anoushka S. Texas

Improving the Healthcare

Improving the healthcare in the U.S is very important. Everyone should get the same amount of treatment even if someone is wealthy or poor.

Dear Future President, improving the health care system would probably by the biggest change in the U.S. history. Just imagine everyone healthy, happy, and living an amazing life. Would you not love that too? Many people die because they can’t afford paying the health care.

Kids can die whose parents are poor. Adults die because they can’t afford the system, even with the insurance. According to 2015, around 1 million people are uninsured in the U.S.A. The insurance doesn’t really help. Hospitals just keep sending bills for you to pay. With the increasing population either they stop caring about patients or they like taking up money from patients that are sick.

Apps are useful and handy when you need them. I do agree if someone is in trouble the ambulance can come right on time, but that is only if it is a big reason or cause such as a heart, brain, or breathing problem. Otherwise they just make you sit down and wait till a doctor is ready to check you. The health care system sometimes gives more "treatments" than necessary. That is a problem, too, when it causes overcharging. 

Dear Future President, if you can fix some of these issue’s I am 99.99% sure America's health care system can be great.

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