Ainsley M. Texas

Teenage Pregnancy and Abortion

My thoughts on Teenage Pregnancy and Abortion

Dear Future President, 

      There are many teenagers who are getting pregnant around 14-18 years of age, which is causing more people to have abortions. When teenagers get pregnant they either drop out of school or have an abortion. I think that teenagers are not old enough to make the decision of having an abortion, some of them just do it because their parents do not want them to have a child around that age. There needs to be better abstinence classes in school to prevent teenagers from getting pregnant. There is also teenagers getting kicked out of their house because they choose not to have an abortion, and their parents do not agree with them. This causes more teens to be on the street looking for a place for her and the baby to live.  

        I believe that if you are going to decide to make the choice of getting pregnant at this age, then you need to take responsibility of your action, and take care of you and the baby. I also think that the parents should accept the fact that their child is pregnant and help her take care of the child that she is going to have. If you are a parent and your child is pregnant, it is going to be very difficult for them to go to school and take care of the new inborn. If you truly care about your child, then you should help them out so they can get an education and take care of the child at the same time.