Colin F. Texas


What we need to fix/change to stop illegal immigration

Dear Next President,

The United States of America is a powerful nation. But, since immigration started happening, we have started to go under the bus and lose money plus go into debt. Immigration is when someone comes to another nation (United States) and crosses the border without engaging Border Patrol or being inspected to make sure you are allowed to be here.

Most of the people who immigrate to the U.S are from Mexico. This is because they want a better economy and or sell drugs. What is happening is Mexico gets the money and the U.S gets the drugs. Immigrants from Mexico have also brought the population up to around 8 million to 12 million people. But only 700,000 stay in the U.S, the rest either leave, get deported, killed, jailed, or seek political asylum. With the population going up, we are required to spend more money to buy more stuff for all of these new people coming into the Nation.

Some people might say that it's just 700,000, and it’s not that much. That is just 700,000 that we know of, there could be a ton more, we just haven't found them yet. In addition to that 700,000, over 50,000 of them bring in illegal stuff such as drugs, guns, even crime. Some of these people are even in gangs and some of those gangs are coming here and harming innocent people. Another thing people might argue about is that they are humans too, why do you treat them differently. We treat all the legal ones with respect, the ones that come here illegally are the ones we do not like or care for. Because it shows that they don't have the time to go through border patrol to get the U.S.

Whoever the next president will be, he or she will need to upgrade our border patrol and make sure that no one gets in here illegally. Because right now, it is very weak and we are spending loads of money that we could be spending on our military, or even our BORDER PATROL. We need to start saving up because if these immigrants keep coming into the U.S, our nation will be dead in years.

If we don’t do something now, our economy will drop and our nation will go down physically and economically. Make your choice Mr. or Mrs. President.