Austin A. Texas

Alternative energy

In here I will show how it is good to have alternative energy and why using fossil fuels and nuclear power plant are not good.

Dear Next President,

So you know how there are coal power plants and nuclear power plants. But did you consider other types of energy? I have been looking around and I have found some alternative energy sources. I have also seen bad things about coal power plants and nuclear power plants.

Where does more than half of our power comes from? From fossil fuels. But what happens when we run out of fossil fuels. When we run out of fossil fuels, complete havoc will occur unless we have a plan in place and we start working on it. One thing that will not work is nuclear energy because it usually creates toxic waste. When I saw a chart that shows where power comes from 33% comes from coal,33% from natural gas, and 20% from nuclear(from 2015(from the โ€œtheguardian.comโ€)). I was shocked when I was looking for alternative/renewable energy and the graph documented that only 13% of our power in 2015 came from alternative/renewable energy. For the health of people in the United States that needs to change.

Another reason we need alternative energy is because of air pollution. Sulfur dioxide is produced when you burn coal. Sulfur dioxide penetrates into human lungs and can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Sulfur dioxide also causes acid rain, which damages crops, forests, soils, and acidifies lakes and streams. The worst part is that coal power plants produce about 7,000 tons of sulfur dioxide a year. Plus coal power plants are the primary cause for global warming. But there is more, 225 pounds of arsenic, which will cause cancer in one out of 100 people who drink water containing 50 parts per billion is emitted from the power plants (( is my source). Then there is the disposal of nuclear waste, if the containers that they are stored in start to leak then it will seep into the ground. If nuclear waste seeps into an underground water system it might run into your drinking water. This is why alternative energy is needed.

There are all kind of inventive alternative sources of energy. One of the sources I have found is tidal power which runs on tidal generators and as long as the tides move then we will get power. Plus it can be concealed under docks or harbors. It is safe if we cover the wires that connect the generators to the power plants and maintain the wires so that the marine life doesn't get hurt by the electromagnet waves that can attract or repel aquatic animals. This could hurt the ecosystem.

I have also found another alternative energy. It is called solar thermal energy. Solar thermal energy magnifies heat from the sun into salt in insulated towers that can later be pulled on. Solar energy can be stored after the sun has set. (found on At night they open valves and the molten salt contacts with water which produced steam. When the steam rises it turns the generates producing power. So with solar energy and with solar thermal energy we would get power day and night.

So please look over this and try these alternative energy sources. Plus I know a strong president will consider all the information and want to help.  Also, I know a wise president will see that some of these plans will work if they have support. A wise president would see that coal power plants cause some global warming. 

Thank you new president or person that is reading this for taking time in your day to consider my points.

Thank you,

Austin A.

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