Cris M. Texas

Immigration Reform

We need immigration reform to make it easier for immigrants to become citizens.

Dear future President,

Immigration Reform is a major issue. According to the Department of Homeland Security, there are an estimated 11.5 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. These people came to this wonderful country looking for a fresh new start to a better life. Many of them came looking for anywhere to work. Not all immigrants are “bringing drugs,bringing crime, or rapists” as Donald Trump believes. Many of them are afraid of breaking the law, out of fear of being deported.

Many parents of families have put everything on the line for their children to be born in America. The standards of living in Mexico are lower than in even the worst cities in the U.S. There are sometimes gangs, drug lords, criminals, and rapist in countries like these. Families are so desperate to get their kids to a safer world they will try to throw them over the border. Many people on this side don't get it why they want to immigrate to the U.S but they understand how much better life is in America. I know that criminals try to get across the borders and there may be a percentage of immigrants that tend to want to do more harm than good to the U.S. We should have a clear path to gaining citizenship for the immigrants that deserve it. The border patrol should be more trained on tracking down the criminal immigrants instead of the immigrants that want to work and gain citizenship.

Of course there have to be limits to everything. We can't have the entire population of countries  immigrate to the U.S. People that want to be legal U.S citizens should have proof that they will work hard to earn what they have and won't need help from the government. Anybody that works deserves to get paid whether legal or illegal. Work is work. Only the criminals that would do harm to this country should be kept out. We need to give every immigrant a chance to become a U.S citizen.

A new law needs to be passed saying all immigrants get a chance to be a U.S citizen. But if they break a law they have to get sent back. The process for becoming a citizen needs to be shortened from almost half a decade to a couple of months. These immigrants deserve to be able to work without worrying that their boss will call border patrol on them so the business won't have to pay the workers. Everybody should get a chance at becoming a U.S citizen and it should be easier and sooner to get the green card these immigrants deserve.

Sincerely, Cris M

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