maya s. Texas

Everyone is equal

illegal immigration reform

Dear President,

There are many problems circling around the country and world right now, but I would like to focus on one of those problems that I feel needs a major and quick resolution. The center of this country has been discriminated on for hundreds of years . You and I have both heard about this problem, and I think it’s time to do something about it. Many people come to this country in hopes of a new life,possibly a new start ,but instead those dreams are crippled because of an unfair government and terrible law.

For the past 100 years, immigrants living in The United States of America have endured through inequality. During the 1800s and early 20th century, non-whites went through hard racism, prejudice, and violence. Our country is recognized for having diversity.We should express this diversity by being kinder to one another and showing some respect for each other. People refuse to look past race, color, and religious beliefs. This is why there is still why we have such a strong discrimination presence here. We share this country with those who are discriminated. They call this country their home, just as we do. They work hard and have goals, just as we do. Those of different colors, races, and beliefs shouldn’t be afraid to go places and be people. They are afraid of being rejected by the world. No one should be afraid of not being accepted for who they are.We are all people and deserve to be treated like so,whether we are of color or not.

Immigrants are harassed, discriminated in hiring, and discriminated in housing all the time. The discrimination in hiring happens when immigrants aren’t hired for jobs because "they are not capable of the job" or ‘‘don’t have the papers for it .’’Just four years ago metrotrends calculated a denial in home mortgage rates for 2012 in the U.S, 65% of Hispanics,80% of blacks ,and 55%of Asians were denied in buying a home in that year alone. I have heard a story of my father properly selling a home to an immigrant family, and the owners said “they are not qualified” even after having rented for above 10 years while having a great record history, with a credit score of 600. This was just because of a simple case of  skin color and negative beliefs.  What you are capable of doing and how hard you work does not depend on your race, color, and belief. It all depends on your mindset and what kind of person you are.

Several people have strong disagreement towards my belief about this issue. One of the many things people have said including Donald Trump are ‘‘immigrants take our jobs’’ and ‘‘They are drug dealers/ rapists’’.This is absolutely rude and inaccurate. Stated by the website, immigrants in the U.S make up 17% of the work force which is pretty high considering they only make up 13% of the population also stated by the make up an incredible 78% of the farming industry -National Farm and Work Ministry.So really thanks to these hard working immigrants we have fresh fruits and vegetables in our local supermarkets. (not to mention all the other jobs they have including finance real estate,healthcare,manufacturing, and public administration.)

I feel terrible for all the immigrants who works their hearts out to provide for their families and themselves.People are rude and say they’re dangerous, but dangerous people are everywhere in this world. And, they’re of all colors too.If people were to give immigrants an opportunity, maybe show some more respect and offer them kindness, we could see what personality they truly reflect.

To prevent so much hatred and unfairness, there should be laws placed to protect immigrants. These laws would protect immigrants from threats, discrimination ,and improve the documentation system.These laws could offer immigrants scholarships to attend college,easier process to become a citizen,and protective social media posts and comments.This would be very difficult to control, but are you willing to fight for everyone in this country? We believe that they are one of us documented or not. We know right from wrong, and we know this is wrong.I hope you read this letter and realize this is a major issue affecting many. I know you will make a wise choice that will benefit this country.


Maya S