Nathan G. Texas


It is time for people to help out the people on the side of the road.

My name is Nathan I am 14 years old from Texas, I am tired of seeing all the people on the side of the road.I hate seeing all the people that are not trying to get a job, it does not take money to go get a job all that they need to do is get up and go get a job. All the homeless people that are sitting on the streets are not doing anything to help themselves out, I know that all you have to do is go to a place that you a job and give them a resume and fill something out that will help you get the job. There is really some homeless people out in this world but there is also other people that just want all the people that drive by to feel sorry for them and give them free things that they do not need. 

     The people that do not have a home it is a little different because they smell awful and have the same clothes on they did last week, you can tell when they actually need your help, then there is people that just want your generousity and basically steal your money because they have plenty of money of there own and have a great job that pays them amazingly. It makes me so mad when I see the people on the streets that have a good home life but other people that feel sorry for them give them things that they already have or could go buy with all the money that people have givin them.