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Food Safety

We shouldn't have chemicals in our food (GMOs, GE crops, MSG).

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

      Have you ever eaten a genetically modified product and wondered what it is doing to your health? The truth is, food that contains chemicals can do horrible things to your well-being. I believe that we should not have food with chemicals in our food. (GMOs, GE products, MSG)

      One reason we shouldn’t have chemical-containing food is because they are not good for your health. For example, MSG overstimulates your nervous system, and can cause negative reactions to many people. These reactions include having an upset stomach, hives, headaches, and burning sensations in the arms and legs. A report released by the Institute for Responsible Technology includes clinical evidence stating that “when I remove genetically modified foods as part of the treatment for gluten sensitivity, recovery is faster and more complete.” **This proves that chemically modified food only contributes to gluten sensitivity. Finally, studies show that the more glyphosate, the active ingredient in GMOs, is used in corn and soy, the more children have autism. Therefore, chemical-containing food damages our health condition.

      Another reason that genetically modified food shouldn’t be in the U.S. is because it negatively impacts our economy. GE crops require expensive technology that farmers will not be able to afford easily. Patenting laws are against those in poverty, and the poorer areas will be having food shortages and hunger. Biotech firms are promoting crop uniformity, which will decrease the genetic diversity in crops, helping diseases and pests damage these crops. This only increases the need for unhealthy pesticides in GE foods. In summary, genetically engineered crops will damage our economy.

      Some people might say that having chemicals in our food is part of progress for humanity and that technology will improve our food. They might say that chemical-containing food is a natural part of breeding crops. However, this is anything but natural. A study conducted on rats showed that GM products have dramatic negative effects on health. In this study, a scientist fed rats a GM soy and GM corn diet for 1-3 months, and when the study ended, a surprising amount of rats were dead or in a horrible health condition. This proves that GM products are a big reason why America is in such a poor health condition.

      All in all, food with chemicals is not good for our health, not good for our economy, and isn’t reliable. Therefore, we should not have chemicals in our food (GMOs, GE products, MSG). 

**Quote by internist Emily Linder MD 

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