Vivian Texas

U.S. Military Rape

Women and men are getting raped/ sexually assualted overseas

October 28, 2016

Dear future president,

Our only protection for our country is our military, but are they really protecting us? Women in the U.S. military are being raped and sexually assaulted by their colleagues.

An estimated 26,000 rapes and sexual assaults took place in the military in 2012. Women are treated with little respect and are seen as weak and vulnerable, obviously men are much stronger than women and feel like they can get away with anything. Men are more well respected than women and are treated differently, especially in the military. But how would it feel if the roles were switched? About 14,000 men in the military were raped last year, that is 12,000 less than women rape.

Honestly this really needs to stop, people don’t join the military to get raped or sexually assaulted, but to serve our country and protect everybody in it and how can they do they when they don’t feel the least bit safe there? Please take this into consideration, thank you for your time.


Vivian D. - KHS