Jenna L. Texas

Make America Healthy Again

This country needs to change the standards of "healthy".

Dear Future President,

My name is Jenna L. and I am here to inform and persuade you to change the eating habits in this country. America is growing unhealthier by the minute. Today it's easier to access junk food than healthy nutritious food. I believe we should change the food standards in america today and inform people of the dangers of eating unhealthy.

How can we change the way our country eats? We should stop selling as many junk food products and lower the prices of healthy organic food so it is easier to access and anyone is able to get it without worrying about the price. We should stop advertising junk food as a symbol of happiness and show people that there is more to life than food. We need to have more advertisements for fit and active lifestyles.

In conclusion we should all learn to be more fit and healthy human beings. Our goal should be to make America healthy again like it once was.


Jenna L.

Student, KHS.