Lucas Michigan

GMOs and the harm of Ignorance

A persuasive argument about GMOs using 18th Century Rhetoric.

Dear Future President of the United States of America:

Do you accept science? Do understand the importance of science, and why many may reject the well-founded reasoning it is based on? If you respond with the obvious yes, then I would like to inform you about the anti-science campaign that believes science is untrustworthy, and unreliable; the anti-genetically modified organism or anti-GMO movement. This fundamentally flawed attempt at destroying a well-founded area of science is now getting enough traction that businesses are betraying their own standards to cater for them. The businesses that have enjoyed the benefits of cheaper products, now are incentivized to label their products as being non-GMO, even if it means higher cost to remove them. Some even go as far as to indicate on the label that they have GMOs in them. You might ask, “Why does this matter, if there is no benefit in GMOs besides cheaper cost? Why keep them around?” Well, if our nation completely removes this amazing revolution in food technology, the outcome could be catastrophic.

Currently, there are attempts to spread this technology that would cure thousands of cases of Vitamin-A deficiency in southeast Asia called golden rice. This breakthrough is currently not in action solely because it is a GMO and the countries that need it the most, reject the very thought of such an inconceivable invention. Thousands of people in these countries can lose their sight solely because the people ruling and influencing them have lost their minds. Can you ethically allow such a devastating contagion to spread to America? If you believe this horde of the unscientifically oriented can be allowed to kill millions, then you’re insane. Do you want to copy the backwards system that Europe has adopted? Do you want to regress to the same state they were in during the 1990’s? If you are a sensible and reasonable president, then I would imagine you would reject this obscene notion and look forward instead of backward. In conclusion, you, the President of the United States of America has to decide what to do in regards to this polarizing, and important issue that will impact the growth of science, and technology for decades to come.


Lucas Lantero