Ashlee A. Texas

Why We Need To Get Rid Of Gender Pay Gaps

Persuasive letter to the next President of the United States,advocating the Gender Pay Gaps

Imagine a world where everyone sees men and women differently. Where people only see women weak and only judge them by how much muscle they have, and where people treat men like kings. A big issue today in our society is gender pay gaps. A women is more likely to be a single mom for her children than a man is a single dad. Women have goals in life,but with this gender pay gap the can’t reach that goal,nor can they support they support their family as much as they want to. Mr/Madam President eliminate the way women are treated in the world today. One reason is it gets in the way of how much Women in the world spend on food for not only them but their kids.

The main thing for people in the world is the money they earn by working hard. And by doing what they love. Women who works full time earn about 80 cents for every dollar a and for women to be judge by how muscular they are or buy working for a job that “is meant for men”. Mr/Madam President let's end the way people are paying their employees different because of their race but more importantly their gender.

Now there is not only one main thing to know about gender pay gap Mr/ Madam President but there is about two more things that are the most important to know about when discussing gender pay gaps. The thing that everyone who is for gender pay gap should know is that. Women who are apart of these pay gaps have families to support and by the way they are getting paid is not fair. Why should a man get paid better for the things that he does at work? There could be a women doing the exact same thing. Shouldn't they get paid the same?

Now this may be a little impolite and i’m sorry but you need to fix this gender pay gap situation because this is unfair to the women out in the world who are struggling to support their family. The main question is, Why should men get treated better by their boss because they are a different gender, and more “muscular” than women?.

In the end Mr/Madam President it would always be greatly appreciated if you could just find a way to tell all the people in the world who are treating women this way and illuminating their pay to just make them equal and not care what gender they are or how much muscle they have.


Ashlee A.

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