Drue Atherton Texas

Free to love whoever we want

we should accept that we are all people and that we are part of the future and need to except that we are all the same .

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November 9 , 2016

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20500

1Having a relationship with someone of the same gender is gross and repulsive . "The Court's decision does not alter the Lord's doctrine that marriage is a union between a man and a woman ordained by God," the Christian church says.” Gay marriage should be prohibited because for the best of our children, they need a mother and a father to teach them how to act naturally in the real world . 

Christians , Muslims , Baptist , Catholics ,and etc ,may believe that God wanted us to love the opposite gender just to reproduce . God loves us all and he is not in charge of our lives. If he or someone is telling us to live then why do some people listen? We are in control of our lives and should choose our path on how we want to live it .If discrimination is pointed towards you then you are not treated equal to others who have got the chance to prove they are worthy to be apart of the committee. Families with a wife and husband are treated the same as other people but when it comes to same sex marriage they are looked as different and unnatural . It's unfair how people are treated differently because going out of our traditional circle to being with someone who is with the same gender. Same sex couples should be treated equal to a family of a different gender family because they are also a regular family of regular humans who just love someone different like all people do .

Same sex couples should be treated equal because we are all humans who serve as the same purpose. If we discriminate our own kind then we are not treating them like other people and are hating on civilians who do the same as regular people . We the people have a right to love one another and to take responsibilities for our decisions . No one can tell us how to run our lives and what we should do. We love who we love like everyone loves one another .

 Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

 If you love someone, don't let society tell you who you can and can not love. People who do not approve of same sex marriage do not get that we are all the same and that the only big difference that should differentiate people is their unique personality. In a “regular” family, they show their love by nurturing them back to health or encouraging one another so they can do their personal best . A same sex couple also does the same things as a “regular “ family does except their gender is the same. A family of any gender gives the equivalent amount of love as same or different genders do.I feel despondent that people can't accept one another because they are different .

 We are all humans, and are made to be equal to each other and should treat each other the same no matter our gender or race. We all love somebody and it can be anyone of any gender. You love your family but there is always a person for you even if their not in plain sight. Your ideal person can be a different race , religion , and a different gender except those characteristics in a person they love . What I can't understand is why people can't except that if your ideal person is someone of the same gender then why do people think of it as gross, unnatural, and should be prohibited? People should understand that, yes it is different then what we are used to, but we love a person for their personality and not for how they look .

 No one knows who wrote the bible and yet people believe that god would write rules for us to follow.God loves everyone and would want us to love whoever we want as well .

The bible is supposedly written by God by some suspicions that think Moses wrote it. Either way the bible is like a constitution for a country .There are many different countries ( religions ) that have different laws to follow . If all countries believed in the same things then we all wouldn't have any conflicts . Christians and other religious groups  believe that it is bad to love the same gender but everyone knows you should.As people of the united states , we have civil rights that allow us to have the right to love who we want .

The right to love freely in the USA was on June 26, 2015 because it was banned but now legally allowed .Same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states .

The supreme court finally allowed it after several debates and protests about same sex marriage . Same gender couples have been waiting for the moment that they became free to love who they want . Throughout the country , same sex marriage is allowed but people still discriminate , and judge LGBT because they have a different love interest than everyone else.

1 Christians , muslims , baptist , catholics ,and etc