Zoe L. Texas

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage should be raised because it will help improve the lives of low-income workers.

Dear Next President,

In the United States, there are some people who aren’t fortunate enough to have an income that’s sufficient to live on. Even when they work their absolute hardest, their efforts simply aren’t enough to provide for themselves and their families. There needs to be a change. The minimum wage should be raised because it will help improve the lives of low-income workers. With the raise will come a more bountiful income for the less fortunate people of this country. In addition, the minimum wage hasn’t risen over the years, while inflation has driven the prices of everything else up. Therefore, the minimum wage ought to be raised.

If the minimum wage was to be increased, the lives of low-income workers will be made better. Many people who work multiple low-paying jobs don’t earn enough to support their families. Their children will have to live in poverty and grow up without the necessary items needed to succeed later on in life. This can be very devastating for the the parents because they may not be able to provide meals for their children, a proper form of shelter, or other mandatory things needed to survive. It can leave the parents with a burden over them that cannot be suppressed without the growth of their income. "Nobody who works 40 hours a week should be living in poverty." (Bernie Sanders)

There are a countless number of people in the United States that are for increasing the minimum wage. In New York City, a group of fast food restaurant workers want to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour in the United States. They protested the minimum wage by walking out of fast food restaurants and got many major cities to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Bernie Sanders, a senator of Vermont, also supports increasing the minimum wage of the United States. He spoke out at many conventions and helped influence many people to support raising the minimum wage.

The minimum wage hasn’t kept up with inflation, so it should rise up. It’s supposed to be higher because inflation has caused the price of other things to rise, while the minimum wage has only increased slightly in the past couple of years. In the United States currently, the minimum wage is only $7.25, and adjusted for inflation it’s supposed to be significantly greater.

Those against raising the minimum wage might say, “Minimum wage shouldn’t be raised because low-income workers will be harmed, rather than helped. It would only make it even more difficult for them to find a job because of the low-skills they possess. Their lives will become even more miserable than before. Companies would hire less people with low-skills because they would have to fire many workers in order to give other workers a higher paycheck as a result of the raised minimum wage. Teens and young adults would also get hired less because they generally get paid less than others with more experience in the workplace.” I would reply with, “Raising the minimum wage would actually benefit low-paid workers to some extent. It’s very hard to survive on the minimum wage, and raising it will advantage some workers. With a higher minimum wage, they can better provide for themselves and their families. The minimum wage in the United States currently is barely enough to live on, so raising it will help rather than hurt.”

When you raise the minimum wage, low-income workers will live better lives. The minimum wage also has to be increased for inflation. Raising the minimum wage will provide more income for those who have jobs that pay little. Even when low-income workers try their hardest, their attempts may not be enough to supply the vital necessities for survival. In the end, the effect of raising the minimum wage will make the world a better place for all. Please take my suggestions into consideration.


Zoe Lu

Cedar Valley Middle School 8th Grade ELA

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