Luke Texas

Scientific Research Funding

In order for our country to grow we must create new and better innovations and inventions. For these innovations and inventions to happen we must put more money into Scientific research.

Dear Future President

The issue of scientific funding is astounding to me due to how much our country, as well as the world relies on technology. Scientists of all types should receive significantly more funding so that we can grow as a nation in every way. As a 9th grade student in high school, I can vouch by saying that we use technology in almost every class of our day. Before our country can continue to truly grow, we need to give some funding to science so we can keep up with our growth with technology.

In recent years the money grants for biomedical science has been dropping off which directly results in no work being done do to those grants being the life to scientists’ labs. Without this money some people are having to be “let go” from labs and sometimes the labs themselves have to be let go due to the lack of funding. What if you couldn’t live in the White House because there is no money? Wouldn’t you get frustrated? Because scientists are, without having labs.

Twelve years ago, Robert Waterland got an associate professorship at Baylor College of Medicine, and started to study obesity in children. Waterland had funding from the National Institution of Health, which he used to keep the study going. After years of success, his funding ran out and he couldn’t get it renewed. Many scientists during 2012 got their funding cut which put many scientists in a constant state of scrambling for money. Since 2004 the funding for these researchers has had a 20% decrease which is unacceptable in this day and age when scientists are the only people that can move us forward in our technology and healthcare. I do fully understand that other organizations need funding like charities, because poverty is a huge problem in the world, but a 20% decrease since 2004 just isn’t doing science justice. Also, wouldn’t funding agricultural sciences help with food and farming since these scientist help produce and sterilize our foods?

It’s time for change, scientists are what we have to push to the future and they can only do that with the proper funding and supplies. You’re the only one who can enact these changes and push us toward a high tech and healthier future.


Luke M.

Student, KHS