Michael C. Texas

Legalizing Marijuana

I believe that Marijuana should be legalized in all states

In the United States, marijuana is a very controversial topic that is discussed. Studies show that smoking marijuana has been used to relieve stress as well as treat symptoms for seizures and PTSD. legalizing marijuana can lead to many opportunities for boosting an economy such as tax collection growth and a new product for pharmacies to sell. I believe that we should legalize marijuana in all of the United States.

Marijuana has been legalized in colorado and ever since their economy has had a surprising boom and has shown and increasing revenue which has helped the community grow. I believe that we can use these tactics to help improve the economy in the same way colorado did. I believe that if we sell marijuana on the pharmacy and tax marijuana in a way to help the economy. This way we don't only please the people by legalizing but also the government by making money off of it.

Many veterans come back from war mentally scarred and broken. In order to help these veterans heal doctors and nurses allow them to smoke weed.Do you really think that we would poison our own soldiers? According to studies (veterans for medical cannabis) smoking Marijuana has been used to relieve stress as well as treat symptoms for seizures and PTSD. If you are for legalizing marijuana then you are supporting our american soldiers. Isn't that the least we can do? These are the people who sacrifice everything in order to keep our families safe!

“Marijuana causes a temporary high that causes people to make bad decisions and we don't need that in our country” Colorado legalized marijuana in 2014 and ever since highway accidents have plummeted; Because if marijuana is legal then people will treat it like cigarettes and drinking.That way they only smoke at home and when they aren't going to be driving soon. “If we legalize weed people won’t know when to stop and overdose” According to recent studies”(New Health Guide) Their are no documented deaths from overdosing on weed. Although smoking too much weed can lead to anxiety attacks and delusions, there is little to no chance of dying from just an overdose.

I believe that marijuana should be legalized in all states, because marijuana has shown to have more health benefits than negatives like treating symptoms for PTSD and seizures. Marijuana can also lead to many economical benefits like taxes and a new product to sell. For these reasons i believe that marijuana can be a great benefit for our country