Steven L. California

Obesity and Weight Problems

Obesity and weight problems should be taken to attention by the government and be resolved as soon as possible.

Dear Future President,

          Almost two out of three adults and one-third of kids are struggling with obesity and weight problems. Obesity is a growing problem in the U.S. that needs some serious attention. Obesity is a disorder involving a mass amount of body fat that puts you at a high risk of health problems such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. I think obesity is a problematic epidemic that should be resolved immediately so no one would have to every suffer this problem.
          It's sad to see kids who are overweight and obese who have to use an electric cart to get around. Obesity prohibits people from moving freely relying on an electric cart to move or makes it difficult to move. Constraining them from doing the activities they love that involves legs or any physical movement. A paper, published in British Medical Journal, found that eating a healthy diet costs you $1.50 more per day. The higher cost of healthy foods do not appeal to people when unhealthy food cost less commonly chosen by people because of the price.

          One solution for obesity could be like proposition V which states that it will tax any sugary beverage a cent for every ounce. So making the food that you eat for bliss more expensive would stop the obese and overweight community to stop buying them. The Government can enforce the schools to make PE to be longer and more intense for the kids. The longer PE and more intense it is, the more calories they lose which could possibility prevent child obesity in a large margin. Last and for most, lowering the price on healthy and nutrition is a great way to prevent obesity. People only buy unhealthy food because it's cheaper. Now if healthier foods were cheaper, they are able to be bought and give the person a healthier life style.

          The United States has a problem that should be faced by the president himself to solve it which is obesity and weight problems. Obesity and weight problems are things that people should be scared of and try to prevent it in any way. It is important to stop obesity because it stops people from doing a lot of activities that they used to love and it increases the chances of health problems. I want the future president to take things into his own hands, lower the price of healthy foods, enforce more intense, longer PE periods, and make taxes on bad foods. MAKE HEALTH GREAT AGAIN               

Peterson Middle School

8th Grade ELA

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