Anna L.


Minimizing disease in America by mandating vaccinations in public school.

Dear Future President,

In America, we are lucky to have such advanced medicine available to us. Some citizens choose not to take advantage of this under false pretenses, potentially harming themselves, their children, and those around them.

Vaccinations have proven to reduce the chances of catching the flu by 50%, and the chicken pox by 100%, and negative side effects are extremely rare. This not only protects the person who receives the vaccination, but also prevents the spread of disease to other people. When anyone chooses not to vaccinate their children, they put other’s children at risk.

Some people believe that vaccinating their children leads to Autism, and this is entirely untrue. Studies show that Autism is genetically based, meaning that being vaccinated has no effect. You must be genetically predisposed to have Autism, and being vaccinated does not change that.

In many private schools, vaccinations are already required. I believe they should be mandatory for any student who wishes to attend public schools. To enroll, one must have signed papers from a physician stating the child’s vaccinations are up to date. This law will increase the safety of schools in America, preventing the spread of disease to students and their families all across the nation. 

St. Joseph's Academy


For my fantastic 3rd hour students.

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