Owen B. Massachusetts

Advance Space travel technology

The world is populating and getting hot from climate change, if we advance space travel technology we wont have to worry about these problems.

 Dear future president,

If you have the time there's an issue that you should look at, it would help many people and maybe even the world, you could do this by advancing space travel technology. You could do this by lowering rocket prices and giving rocket scientist permission to use any materials necessary. If you do these things we could save tons of people, they will be saved from what's happening to Earth. The world is changing, it's getting to hot and we are running out of space. We already have a rocket ready for Mars so all we have to do now is learn how to make Mars or any planet habitable. If space travel is advanced it could save generations of people.

Climate change is changing the world in massive ways. Climate change is causing more extreme weather, melting glaciers, destroying ecosystems and so much more. In the article “Climate Change by Mary Ann Cunningham”, she states that “human-caused climate change severely stresses ecosystems and species around the world”. This means that some important animals that we use for food or other materials may die. If ecosystems are destroyed many important species will go extinct. However, if we advance space travel technology not only could we live on other planets, we could allow other species to live on other planets. From the article “Animals in space” from wikipedia it explains that “a wide variety of animals have been launched into space, monkeys,dogs, and insects” The same article states that “the Soviet space program used a number of dogs for suborbital and orbital flights”. If animals can survive in orbit no doubt that they could survive on another planet. If we were able to live on another planet with animals we would be safe from climate change.

Not only would advancing space travel technology keep us safe from climate change, it would keep us safe from the world over populating. The world is over populating and were running out of space and natural resources. In the article “Head Count by Manila Bulletin” she explains that “by the year 2025 people in the world will number 9 billion”. We will have limited space and will have limited privacy too. This also means that basic resources like food and water will start run out. In the article “As World Population Booms, Will Its Resources Be Enough For Us? By Dennis Dimick, National Geographic” he explains that “after years of examining global environmental issues such as climate change, energy, food supply, and freshwater, we thought the time was ripe for a deep discussion of people and how we are connected to all these other issues—issues that are getting increased attention today, amid the new population projections”. We could stop all of this and save many people if we advance space travel technology. We would have more resources from the new planet and more space. We wouldn't have to go outside and be crowded, there would be more space which also means more privacy. Advancing space technology will keep us safe from running out of space and resources.

What are the cost of advancing space travel? Rockets are fairly expensive. In the article “Rocket Launching, On The Cheap by Gregg Easterbrook” there are statistics that state “It now cost $10,000 to $12,000 a pound to launch a payload using the services of the National Aeronautics And Space Administration”. So it will cost a bit but you could lower the price. You have power in the position of president so you could lower the price of a rocket. Also if we do advance space travel technology we could sell the inventions we made to do it. That money could be used for the country. If we advance space travel technology and sell the ideas it could pay for the price of getting the technology and or get America out of debt. Although it might cost lot, it will be worth it in the long run.

Some people will make untrue statements about this subject, for example climate change isn't real, some of theses statements might be true but most of them are wrong. Climate change isn’t real or population control isn’t needed is are some of the topics that people talk about. Both of those statements are false. Climate change is real. In the article “Half Of Weather Disasters Linked to climate change by Randee Lee Loftis”, National Geographic she states that “human-caused changes in climate played a role in 14-28 storms, droughts and other, 2014 extreme weather events investigated by global scientist”. Many storms and droughts are being caused by climate change and not only storms, very powerful storms that are more powerful because of climate change. In the article, “Did Climate Change Bring us Hurricane Matthew? Hard to say. But it makes storm surges worse. By William Yardley”, Los Angeles Times, he states that scientist made the statement “As Hurricane Matthew roared along the Florida coast on Friday, scientists say there is indisputable evidence that climate change increased the damage it did in at least one regard: storm surge, the flooding that occurs when storms push seas past their typical tidal marks”. This is evidence that climate change is causing more destructive weather. If we can advance space travel technology there will most likely be less factory jobs on Earth. This means less gasses going into the air which means no more climate change. Climate change is real. However, we can't just worry about climate change, we also need to worry about population growth. Some people say we don't need population control. If we don't, we'll run out of space and resources as I stated before. There is a limited amount of supplies on Earth. Also in the article “As World’s Population Booms, Will Its Resources Be Enough for Us? By Dennis Dimick” he states that “it's highly likely we'll see 9.6 billion Earthlings by 2050, and up to 11 billion or more by 2100”. The Earth does not have enough resources for that many people. These arguments are not true, climate change is real and we need population control.

That is why I think, no I know we have to advance space travel technology. If we do it will save many people. You could advance space travel by making the cost of rockets less money, and giving the rocket scientist the permission to use any materials needed. As president you have the power to do these things. You could also set up votes so the country agrees with your decisions. You have the power of president to put this into action. It will save future generations. We would be saved from climate change and overpopulation. Advancing Space travel Technology could save America and the world. Thank you for reading and I hope you consider advancing space travel technology.


Owen B

Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

The seventh grade students have researched, discussed, and thought carefully about a variety of issues that challenge our nation and the next president. Here are their thoughts about what the next president must do to improve our country and all of our lives.

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