Shea T. Massachusetts

Our Most Powerful Weapons

You may believe in gun control. You may believe in the right to bear arms. There is a way we can have both.

Dear Future President,

       You are now the president, or will be soon enough. I am writing to share my thoughts and suggestions on the country, the way it has been run, because I know that you are now capable of changing it. This letter is on recommendations on how to end terrorism, take control of the immigrants, and improve our school systems. We can do that all with a few key things, and a few simple actions. 

       I am aware of terrorism, extremists, war. I am aware that we need weapons to stop it all. However, I am also aware of people beating each other up, shooting each other, bombing places, where people live, that people love. Just because of religion, gender, race, or social class. Why do we let our differences defeat us? We should be proud of our differences. We, the United States of America, are known for our diversity, for taking people in, giving people a second chance. 

       Do we want to be defeated just because certain people are creating myths about our immigrants? People are beginning to believe because of certain rumors that our immigrants are Mexicans, who are actually no where near as terrible as they are often portrayed, that bring crime, take jobs, and come here illegally. I want to inform you, if you did not already know, of these misconseptions, because you can stop them from spreading. Most actually come from Asia. They actually decreakse the crime rates. For if they are illegal, even though only about twenty percent of immigrants are, they know they are in trouble so they don't want to cause anymore trouble. They don't take wonderful jobs, they get whatever jobs they can. In fact they're helping us because they're doing what we don't want to do. And, as I said previously, only about twenty percent of immigrant are illegal. You need to end these misconceptions for they are often the cause of mass shooting and police brutality, both often caused by guns. 

       Some say because of this, mass shooting and police brutality, that we should have gun control. No one needs an assult rifle on them. Others say this is not the solution for we have the right to bear our arms with weapons. People presuming this said weapon to be a gun or a bomb. 

       I believe that we absolutely should have gun control. War, guns, bombs, don't solve anything. Look what they have created. There is constant conflict in Iran, Iraq, and other countries around the world. And us, always afraid. 

       I also believe that we have the right to bear arms. But not with bombs or guns. We need books, stories, words, pictures, educations. There are schools all around the country; with terrible art programs, and low literacy rates. These schools are in places where people are often shot, or where there are organized fights. Sure, this could be because of things such as police brutality, but that would not exist if the men and women in the  police force were more educated themselves, about how not all people of a certain religion, class, race, gender, are detrimental. 

     There are circles in life, causing history to repeats its self. There is a part of history, I'm sure you, who ever you may be, are aware of it. Hitler's reign of terror. You may not have known though that Hitler did not want to be a dictator. He wanted to a artist. If the art programs, this would include the language arts, of his school, or schools, were better he never would've killed millions to billions of people, he would not have created the cruel Nazi party. Instead we would've had another true artist in the world. And we certainly could've used more then, we could use more now.

     There is proof, in books and in life, and I find they are often based more off each other than people think, that books, words, pictures, can end war, terrorism, extremists. For I have read a book in which a story baried beneath the snow for so long, was unearthed and documented by drawings. I have read a book in which a girl with a book in a bomb shelter chased away war. 

       And there is a girl, Malala Yousafazi, who lived in a place where rights, women's rights and rights to education, were threatened. She stood up, with her weapons, books and words. And she, not only proved that extremists are more afraid of girls with books, then people with guns, and won a Nobel Peace Price because of this, but she survived and chased away the Taliban, or at least made them back away. And now girls where she is from are returning to school. And they are no longer strictly dictated by the Taliban. 

       You need to take control. Improve the schools. Improve, and include the arts in the school systems. So we can get proper educations. If we are educated we can put down our guns. You need to teach people that guns are not weapons, they cannot solve anything. Improve the education system. Use books as weapons. We can be better educated. We can end terrorism, but not with war.

     Gandhi gained India freedom without a gun. Malala gained Pakistan education without a gun. Now it our turn, to bear our arms, not with guns, not with bombs, but with words, pictures, art, books. It is time to get our proper educations, and work together to end it, terrorism, war, in the United States of America, once and for all.

-Your Truly, Shea Trimble 

P.S.: If this is too long I simply can't help myself.