Raul M. Georgia

The effects of Climate Change

The polar ice cap is melting, the Earth is getting warmer, and we need to do something about climate change.

Dear Next President,

As the upcoming president , I hope you have plans for a big problem know as climate change. I'm here to address the fact that climate change and issues it has caused need to be fixed. This problem can not go on much longer, or else it will keep harming the world and change it for the worse. Problems such as the polar ice cap melting and the Earth getting hotter can all trace back to climate change.

The world has taken lot of pollution in the past, and even more so now with all the new factory and cars.  I feel like there's not enough clean and efficient energy. Because of all this, the atmosphere that protects us from the sun's deadly rays now has them trapped, and this causes the world to heat up more. This is all caused by the addition of more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, and if we used less fossil fuel, we could probably save the earth from overheating.

With that, also comes the destruction of one of the most extreme habitats: the arctic.The polar ice cap has melted away drastically leaving very little of the habitat for the animals that inhabit these extreme location. This has also decreased the number of polar bears, which are almost extinct. The temperature of the earth is rising and melting away the ice and adding more water to our oceans and also may cause flooding in nearby areas. The whole ecosystem will perish if nothing is done about this.

I ask you to please help in the saving of our precious Earth and to do something. I thought of reducing the car emissions. Maybe finding cleaner and more efficient fuel like hydro power or wind power. Even reducing the amount of time a factory is active so that less pollution reaches our atmosphere. This will help drastically with conserving of our habitats and the reducing in temperature.