Jacob P. and Ryan D. Massachusetts

Global Warming

Global warming is a big issue now a days. This Article will explain how and why it effects us today.

Dear Future President,

A major problem in the society today that we and many others feel is an issue is global warming. This is a problem that many feel needs to be addressed quickly. This significant problem in our society today needs to be handled soon, because it will just get worse, and before we know it it will be too late. A large part of pollution now-a-days is from man-made causes, such as the overuse of fossil fuels, deforestation, and people’s lack of consideration for our environment. If you feel that pollution is not a big deal considering all the other problems in this world, you're wrong, because this is a major a problem. We can trace some of the natural disasters that are happening due to the warming of the earth, which pollution is the number one cause of. As a new president, many of us feel that you should do something about this issue soon. It will not only affect us but our future generations who could lose out on this beautiful earth, which includes parks, lakes, rivers, oceans and just nice clean air. We are asking you to try to consider this to be a major issue that you will try to help eliminate it by looking to solar, wind , and nuclear. We the people are hoping that you will consider these changes and eliminate global warming from our society.

Global warming is a problem: not just now but for our future. If we don’t do something soon it will just get worse. The disasters that this problem will cause will lead to deaths and destruction. Pollution is toxic to the air, and water. Think about all the plants and animals that many ecosystems depend on for clean air and water. One of the big parts of global warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels gives off carbon emissions into the atmosphere ,which this is not good for our earth. One problem according to “Climate Change Is Increasing the Severity of Natural Disasters” By Andrew Freedman is “due to manmade global warming, Warmer seas provide more water vapor for storms to tap into; that water vapor can later be wrung out as heavy rainfall, resulting in flooding”. This could potentially kill many people and devastate many more people. Something that we could do is lower burning fossil fuels. According to the statistic “Top Ten Carbon Dioxide-Emitting Countries, 2013”, we the USA emit the second most carbon dioxide in the world. We emitted 5297581 kilotons of carbon dioxide. The most emitting county is china, emitting over 10 million kilotons. This information leads us to believe that if we unite we can tackle global warming together by using other sources like solar, wind, and nuclear power.

There are many ways to stop pollution that causes global warming. Some of these ways are changing how we use energy. The new and modern ways are nuclear, wind, solar, and water energy. These ways and others could prevent and slow down pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. Wind, solar, and water power all use the earth around us to create renewable energy. These methods are now taking a big turn with more cost effective technology. For example as it says in “Nuclear Power Is the Best Way to Address Climate Change” by Williams, Arthur R. Sates that “next-generation breed-and-burn fission technologies can produce electricity for about $0.03/kWh, making it cost-competitive, even with coal”. This is basically saying that companies should now turn to nuclear energy because “breed-and-burn” means nuclear power. This is a great advantage for the future of global warming because with nuclear power this cheap it is actually cheaper than coal per kilowatt hour. Energy companies, if they want to save money would turn to nuclear power soon because as it states in “The Estimated Global Warming Price Tag” that an“estimated 271 billion dollars in spendings on coal” and the causes of it will be spent. This is perfect because nuclear power with new technology will be able to give off nearly no pollution and carbon dioxide. As it says in “Nuclear Power Is the Best Way to Address Climate Change”by Arthur R says about that new molten salt reactors are much more safe and can’t offer heat which make the plants explode, they use molten salt and because of its “superior thermal conductivity of molten salt eliminates the need for active cooling”. There are many ways that we could use new technology to eliminate the threat of global warming.

Pollution is threatening the way we our going to be able to live in the near future and yet some people don't truly believe that it is a real issue. They think it's unimportant compared to other problems that people are facing , or maybe they just don't care. The people that don’t think pollution is happening, only have bits of evidence to back them up. They blame the climate change on cycles that the earth goes through I don’t believe them. As it states in “Climate Change Is Increasing the Severity of Natural Disasters” that Climate change is just a natural phase in today's world and that we should not worry about it. Well even if they think this it still a problem because the ice caps are going to continue melting and rise the ocean levels which is very bad. On top of this as it states in “GLOBAL LAND-OCEAN TEMPERATURE INDEX” that ever since the big start of burning fossil fuels (1880), the average temperature has been rising. If that claim was true then is it just a huge Coincidence that the rise in temperature started when BFF(Burning Fossil Fuels) started.No, pollution is causing the warming to the earth and we need to stop it.

The next president needs to take action to global warming. This is crucial to stop the process of climate change before it is too late. A few big impacts on global warming are from man made causes such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and no one helping. If we work together we can stop it. Together we can save money lives and other possible problems from occurring. So listen to us to help us make a change, If you think nothing is going to happen then you should do some research. Things have changed, problems are occurring and this is just one that we need to stop.

We are asking you to please consider all that has been presented to you in this letter, and help our cause. Someone like you would have the power to bring change to fix this growing problem, not just in our country but to be examples to other countries around the world. People look to us to show how to be a great country, and what other way to do that is to lead by example. We should all commit to making a difference and making small changes in our lives, then we can make huge changes on our earth!


Ryan Dallas and Jacob Pauze.

Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

The seventh grade students have researched, discussed, and thought carefully about a variety of issues that challenge our nation and the next president. Here are their thoughts about what the next president must do to improve our country and all of our lives.

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