Rochelle A. Massachusetts

Poverty Around The World

How to help and view people in poverty around the world. People around the world that live in poverty are looked at completely differently, they are looked at as sad individuals that have nothing to do and no where to go, this needs to change, they need to be brought out of poverty.

Dear Mr/Mrs President,

      Hello Mr/Mrs. President, I am a freshman at Nipmuc Regional High School in Massachusetts, and I wanted to write about poverty around the world because this is a serious issue that many Americans deal with.

     There are some serious problems around the world including poverty, which is something people don't want to acknowledge, but need to, because there's no avoiding it, in every state there is poverty and the United States are made up of 51 of them. Year after year people are reduced to poverty, a sad fact is that nearly one half of the world's population is in poverty. As our President I would hope that you would lower the costs of most necessary things such as; gas prices, simple foods that shouldn't cost as much as they do, and try to create more jobs for our Nations people. There has to be a way to get the government to find jobs for those who are currently unemployed. You may think this child doesn't understand what they are talking about and it may seem like I don't but, I do believe that this idea is actually possible. It's been talked about many times, and each time the government had approved it but, since there is a high rate of unemployment not enough jobs are created which leaves people still unemployed. 

     Think about it, one prime example are our Veterans that are facing poverty because they had been injured or physiologically affected which almost ruined their lives, or they had just come back from serving for many years and don't have anything saved up or left behind at home. How is this fair? They are the people who fight for our rights! They are the people who fight for our freedom! Most importantly they are the people that risk their lives for us and they don't even know us personally! Think about it, there may be people that are reluctant to join the military in fear that they will lose their lives, yet these veteran's could care less because they wanted America to thrive and not be brought down by enemy forces, they want America to stand out and be proud! They wanted and still want us to stand up for our freedom. The U.S. Military defends us even if they disapprove of some of the people and their actions with in this country. They still defend us. It shows what type of people they are, and how much they care for our well being not even knowing all of us. How do we repay them? By them being subdued to poverty, how is that fair? They don't deserve it! No one does. But it's a fact of life, and a sad one at that. 

There needs to be a way to fix this, to fix us as a whole! Find a way please, people do not deserve this! So please Mr/Mrs. President find a way to help people, find a way to make the world a better place, for those who face poverty.


Rochelle Akerman

Nipmuc High School

F Group WEX II


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