Isabella P. Ohio

We Don't Own Mother Nature Or Do We?

Rivers are yellow, Ice is blue, the air is brown. Sounds horrible right? The truth is told if we look out side. One needs no science to tell. Just pictures and the back of bottle, Maybe cars to.

Dear Next President:

Our world is a beautiful place. Its ecosystem full of amazing and uncovered things. And this ecosystem supports every living creature, every plant. And even us.Yet there's one problem that could send us crashing down the mountain. Pollution.

There are many types of pollution. For example climate change. It is happening and one doesn't need science to know. I don't see much snow in the winter anymore. I used to but now it only rains. The pictures of melting and starving polar bears can tell one person the whole story about climate change. They only starve because their hunting grounds are melting and there homes are melting. There fur is not useful in warm weather either. Animals and humans have adapted to the climate we were born and live in. So when something like pollution gets out of hand its one of the biggest problems we can encounter. When animals temperature changes it messes with their breeding times and migration times. It affects their whole life. And then when the animals eco system goes wrong and there personal lives go wrong, are life will go wrong.

Another type of pollution is pesticides. Pesticides can harm not just insects but humans to. Back when my dad was young he said there were so many beautiful butterflies. Now I am not allowed to catch them and if i do the must be released. Now I only see destruction. There are maybe one or two butterflies.Pesticides kill everything. They run into our water during storms. Fish get a gill full of it. Some people drink it to without knowing it! Sometimes they don't even work and our a waste of our money. Some insects have gotten used to them. Some insects who have not gotten used to the effects of pesticides for example, butterflies. Will drink from a flower. Let's say this flower has deadly chemicals on it to get rid of a pest like mosquitoes. Well the peaceful butterfly will drop dead shortly after the chemical entered its body. Same goes for beautiful moths like the lunar moth. Why are its numbers so low? Pesticides. Some pesticides ment for grass to kill grubs and weeds ends up killing the grass and harming deer who eat it, maybe your dog to. Sometimes it's the weeds who survive and not the grass and your yard ends up being brown. Trying to get rid of mosquitoes? They like tall grass they can hide in. If one cuts the grass nicely there will be less. Natural no chemical products work better for me so why not everyone? You have to remember there is a reason why children are not allowed to play in yards and gardens when they are sprayed. Anyone can find that answer on the back of the bottle. But pesticides don't just affect insects devastatingly. They affect us to. Some of these effects are memory loss, Allergies, Reproductive damage, Cancer, hypersensitivity, and death. So maybe pesticides aren't that great for us or the insects. But what about our dearly loved pets?! They are suffering. The effects of chemicals are, fever,vomiting,depression,diarrhea, trouble walking or lack of coordination,restricted pupils, increased heart rate, seizures, anorexia, and respiratory failure. What about the fly spray I used to have for my horse? The back of the bottle said always wear gloves when using the stuff and don't spray on animals because it could cause cancer! Then why are they selling it for horses? No wonder flies drop dead when sprayed. I recently switched over to GREEN a green fly spray, all natural and it works wonders. Pesticides don't look good for any of us or the ecosystem. Perhaps there are more green and efficient ways to get rid of pest safely without inflicting damage on the earth.

Air pollution. We have all heard of countries with terrible air pollution. For example China. My Aunt went there on a business trip looking forward to it. When she got there she said the air made the windows go dirty . When she cleaned them they almost were instantly dirty she told me. She also said she was afraid to step outside her hotel room no matter how nice it was there. We are affected by air pollution to. One might not know it but that's because we have gotten used to it. OR have we? Think of a bus and how your on the road driving behind one. One person might hate the smell and try to get away from it. But that person isn't. THat gas is in the air now helping to melt the ice caps. Not just that it starves polar bears by literally melting there home. What if that was you or your home?! And worst of all it is breaking down the ozone layer. Basically putting a hole in the skye. That ozone layer protects us from the sun's powerful radiation. And were destroying our defense. Not just ours but every single innocent living creature who does not pollute their environment for the better or worse. This ties in with climate change to. So one might ask well it doesn't affect us right. Wrong. It affects us in the worst ways. Imagine if the gas that came out of our cars was black and one could see were it went all the time. NO one would want that. N one would want to breath that. NO one would sit outside for lunch. NO one would want to contribute to destroying our only home. NO one would want cars. Think about how you would feel. Now imagine how the air would look. It would look black right. Talk about a gloomy day. Many people think trees clean the air for us. True and false they clean the air of our carbon dioxide not pollutants that will poison them.

So how are we affected. Well one can only imagine until they have these problems. Chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer, heart disease, and damage to brain nerves, liver and kidneys. Sounds bad right. So what about birds who have to fly in the stuff without a choice or the animals who breathe air to. They all do. Birds can experience invertible lung damage, inflammation, ruptured blood vessels and respiratory failure and worst of all death. I would not want to die that way nor would anybody else. How about our loving pets. Well a major one is cancer. How about the cute tree frogs at night that sing us lullabies when we sleep? Major behavior changes and immune system changes to. Nt good. Fish have to deal with acid rain and live in it while we can watch it ruin our gardens. Insect are forced to relocate and plants pay. So why do we let our neighbors, pes, and the animals and plants we love suffer? Maybe if we decrease pollution by a decent amount cancer reports would go to? Maybe bird deaths by pollution would go in the history books reminding us to stay green.

Water Pollution. It's really gotten out of hand. We hardly explore our oceans. They're so big and wonderful and full of new life! Maybe that new life has a cure to cancer or some other medical issue. Well we are losing or chances to find one or explore unexplored places. We do more space traveling than looking for life in our ocean. ANd if we find it hardly anyone knows. But we ruin our chances of finding life. We pollute our oceans with our plastic. Cargo ships have products fall into the ocean without care, Cruise ships dump sewage and we have let the Great Pacific Garbage Patch get larger than Texas.How does that make on feel? Its bigger than texas and animals eat from it. One would hope it gets cleaned up. And even if it does. Will it come back will people just stop caring? Will they say it's just one bottle. They have to look around and say oh hey don't litter don't do this it's terrible for the environment. We all have to. And it's not just pollution it's over fishing to. The question is how are we going to fish if our oceans are so polluted the fish die?! How can we feed have fish as a food source if they dying out? Why do we continue to fish with dying species? We use millions of plastic bags from our local grocery store and other shops and we tend to throw them away or rarely recycle them. To us there a one time thing to hold food. To a sea turtle there the silent jelly fish. Possibly the only jellyfish that kills turtles. Let's say one had a pet sea turtle. Would they feed it plastic bags? Zoos sure don't so why would they. They don't in the wild either or do they? Over 100 million marine animals die a year from plastic in our oceans and there is estimated over 100 million tons of plastic in our ocean. Fish have been known to accidentally eat plastic bits to. Sharks have been eating tires. Thinking it's food. So why do we let it happen why do we push it off our schedule. For the average american it takes less than a minute to throw away a recycled thing. The question is why

So what will the next generation see? Shadows of the past. Stuffed animals to remind them how the previous generation failed to fix the mistakes? No more pretty butterflies. Hearing about animals they have never heard of before go extinct the next day. It's inhumane to let animals suffer like that. When they suffer we suffer.

Sincerely, Isabella

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