josh K. California

The Commons

Our public parks and environmental impact.

Dear president,

As a lover of the natural world, I have very little connection to the last unpolluted grounds where I derive my energy. In this confused country, national parks are the sole contributor to my incessant need for a bond with the wild. If you take this away from me by selling off the commons to be owned by private investors it will not only break my heart but will also make this country unlivable. I fear that without the public greenery my aura would fade from hypoxia. In the density of urban dwelling, under siege from advertisements preaching the new, used and discarded waist finds its way into my gardens and fouls my waters. The commander and chief has to recognize the severity of climate change and encourage action to protect our earths last renaming sanctuaries. As a country, we need to get out of buying the new and more toward cherishing the old to protect what makes us human and save what keeps us going

Signing off, Josh Kluger