Solomon F. Texas

Obesity in America

How America Can Become Less Obese

Dear Mr./Mrs. President

In America, the population is more obese than many other countries. That is a big problem that we need to address so that the future people can have a better lifestyle. It can be solved in a few simple steps that everyone can do to prevent or stop obesity.

About one in every teenager is obese and a little over one-third of adults are overweight or obese. This statistic can be easily reduced by being active for about an hour. This can happen for school aged people by having a physical education class be a little longer or for working people where their job isn't physical, having work start later or having a break for physical activity could help middle-aged people. For older people, there could be community programs where as a community the group could go on walks throughout the neighborhood. That would make everyone more active and less likely to be obese.

Another thing that we could to limit obesity is to make food amounts smaller. This thing will be harder to do since a lot of people go to certain restaurants because the portions are big, and they like the feeling of being very full. But, really it isn't very good for you at all. The average amount of food you need to eat is very small compared to what a majority of people are eating today. 

Please, Mr/Mrs. President, please be aware of the physical well-being of our country and our people. I wish you well as you are the president.

                                                                                                           Sincerely, Solomon F.

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