DJ H. Ohio

Obesity in America

We need you to help America become healthier, and to stop obesity from taking us all over.

Dear Future President,

We have let obesity take over modern day America. Many people are affected by this epidemic. Most cheap fast food chains ignore people’s health and make burgers 1 dollar while salads are 7 dollars. Everywhere you go you see children and adults, both obese walking around, proving that the longer that we wait, we will all soon become large and overweight. Although, there can be many ways to help this issue until it is gone.

My whole family is prone to become obese, my 7 aunts and my grandmother. They are all on the verge of heart attacks and need to be on oxygen. Its an uphill climb for all of them and they don’t have the money to buy vegetables in new diets they go on. They all buy what they can on their low income budget, so they end up buying junk food because it is the cheapest

Almost everyone is affected from obesity. ⅔ of adult Americans are obese and have a higher risk of getting diabetes. Over the past four decades, the prevalence of obesity has doubled. Each day an adult that is obese will eat and extra 500-800 more calories than what is needed. We can fix these epidemic by lowering the prices of vegetables or use more GMO’s on the crops to be able to grow more and kick junk food out of the grocery store.

With fewer opportunities to exercise nowadays, we all begin to put on more and more weight. Plus, with less time to be at home, people go out to eat most nights so that they don’t have to make a healthy homemade dinner. 34% of male Americans are obese, while 38% of women are obese. Plus, when you become obese you're putting your body in danger of many diseases such as heart disease, heart attacks and diabetes.

What are you going to do to help America? There are still ways to help America overcome this. But if we don’t help this, everyone you see on the streets will be overweight and can’t do anything about it. We won’t have an uproar of athletes in the Olympics, and we’ll all be too sluggish to get any work done. When we do something about this, we will all be healthy, more work will be completed in America, and we will all live better. When we finally do something about obesity in America, there’s no limit to what we can do.

Sincerely, DJ Henson