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Black lives matter

Dear future President, Have you have seen in the news? Many unarmed young black men have been fatally shot by police officers across the country. A movement has begun known as Black Lives Matter.These are the women that started the black lives matter. They are Alicia Garza,Opal Tometi, Patrisse Cullors Black lives matter is a movement that campaigns against violence towards African Americans.#Blacklivesmatter has taken social media by storm. It was created in response to all the fatal police shootings against unarmed black men.This has to stop.Police need more training that will result in arrest instead of shootings. It’s really devastating for families have to live like this everyday of their lives, knowing that their loved ones died for no reason. Sincerely, Naya

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This is where Mrs. Roberts' students will write persuasive letters to the next president, using persuasive strategies.

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