Parker Texas


Racism is a problem that needs to be stopped.

Dear future President,

Racism is a problem that is bigger than we think. Humans are being discriminated against and are being labeled based on the way they look. Black African Americans are having a harder style of living based on the color of their skin.

According to APR, in the United States unemployment is twice as high for blacks than whites. Unemployment for white people is 4.3% and unemployment for black people is 8.8%. Black unemployment is the highest percentage out of all races. Based on that some people assume all black people are bad. That puts a label on them that makes blacks look like criminals and violent. Because of the number of blacks that are unemployed they struggle to get money which leads to becoming homeless. They can't get food to eat, shelter to sleep under, and even respect from people that don't live on the streets.

Other races make the argument that black people don't get more jobs because of the way they act. But that is wrong because all people should be treated as equal

You are a strong figure to everyone, and you need to change the lives of black people that are unemployed. You can start by giving blacks that are struggling opportunities to get a job to make money. Also make an organization to help blacks get respect from others and end the racial discrimination with jobs.

Sincerely, Parker