Juan B. Ohio

Child Vaccination Importance

Getting your child vaccinated is important for your childs health and for people around them.

I believe Child Vaccination is important for children because they are the most vulnerable to diseases. When a child is vaccinated not only is he helping himself, he is also helping others by not spreading a dangerous disease. While some parents think it is bad to vaccinate your kids, they do not see how it affects their children. Getting your child vaccinated also helps other parents realize that vaccination is not a bad thing, but a good thing for your kids. Vaccinations are meant to help children not endanger them.

Vaccines have been around since 1000 bc. It wasn't until 1790s when Edward Jenner created an immunization for smallpox. Edwards Jenner’s practice was used for over 200 years. The use of the immunization spread quickly once he released it, which led on to get rid of the smallpox all together. His practice was flawed, thus it went through changes over the years. Jenner was not the only one who sought to find vaccines: Louis Pasteur made a huge impact on human health services, he created a vaccine for rabies. Developments are always made while working in the medical field, as well as Jenner’s vaccine for smallpox, Pasteur’s vaccine for rabies also went through changers that would improve it. Because Pasteur’s vaccine, antitoxins and other vaccines were created for tetanus, cholera, the plague, etc.

Getting vaccinated means that you become immune to dangerous diseases. Some diseases can threaten a child's life to the point of fatality, but others leave them severely sick. One of the most common disease is influenza (flu). The flu has symptoms such as fever, cough, headaches, runny nose/stuffy nose. Not everyone experiences all these symptoms but it does not mean they do not have it.

Vaccinations are widely disputed by people who claim that vaccines does more harm than good. Most research shows that this is false. The measles is a huge reason of why you should vaccinate your child. Measles are highly contagious and symptoms can result in death. In 2014, there over 100,000 deaths because of the measles. How would you feel if someone you loved or know died because of this? This is just one of many deadly and contagious diseases that can be avoided by getting vaccinated.

I Believe that every kid should live a safe and healthy life. Kids will get injured and have minor accidents like falling of a bike or getting a cut or their finger, but those are just the minor stuff. Diseases have a higher chance of injuring your kid.

You can save money by vaccinating your child because it means that you do not have to take them to the doctor if they get sick. A family’s medical bill might be really high since their child was in under a lot of treatment for something that could have easily been avoided. If you have health insurance, vaccines can be less than 100 where treatment for measles is up to 10,000. Not many people know but once you vaccinate your child you are protection the future generation of the world. This means that if everyone would get vaccinated while they were a child that would dramatically reduce the risk of contagion and of anyone getting sick in the future.


Juan Belmudez

Facing History New Tech High School

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