Rachel Arizona

Abortion and Choice

Pro-choice side of the Abortion argument in America.

Dear Next President,

Congratulations on becoming the President! The issue I am writing about today is the debate about abortions. I am arguing for the “Pro-choice” side. Many people do not see how being pro-choice also encompasses being pro-life. Whether or not to get an abortion should be up to the woman only. It is her job, and hers alone, to decide what her moral, religious, and other beliefs have in making her decision.

No one ever said making the decision to get an abortion would be easy. It seems unconstitutional and unrealistic for the government to control a woman’s body. The women have to make the decisions regarding her beliefs and much more. Many teenagers are sexually active and that is not going to change. Expecting a young woman, ages 15 on, to carry a child and destroying all of her chances at being successful is unfair and immoral. Getting pregnant as a high schooler normally is not on a girl’s agenda. If an accident happens, the condom breaks or the birth control pill doesn’t work, the woman shouldn’t have to be solely responsible for this. She deserves to live her life and accomplish her goals and not be strapped down to a child.

Children are great when you want to have them, but if you are a teenage girl who hasn’t had the opportunity to live yet, having a baby is life damaging for the woman. Why force a woman to commit to raising a child, forgetting every plan and goal she had for herself and hold no accountability to the man?

Pro-choice does not mean that everyone should get an abortion. It means that it is a CHOICE for the woman holding the child.

When the day comes that the government controls women’s bodies, that is the day that the democracy and freedom we, as Americans, have had as basic rights will be demolished.

Planned Parenthood needs to remain federally funded. The name alone shows that they are not some “evil corporation”. Planning the future of a woman through a federally funded service is an incredible gift to all women and men. The services that they provide are essential aids to mothers, and other women who need assistance.

In summary, one can be pro-life while still respecting the freedom to choose. Women deserve the right to control their own bodies, not the biased white, christian men in the government.


Rachel P.3